Events & Exhibitions

In AKA Design we create spaces, whose powerful attractiveness is translated into success during trade shows.

An original communication of a corporate message, the creation of customized exhibition design, conceived with creativity and attention to detail. This is what we believe to be necessary to attract our customers’ visitors during fairs. Each installation is designed with originality. The needs of the client are translated into temporary architectures, whose stylistic choices are based on technological innovation, always keeping an eye on the available budget.

Residential Contract

We aim at turning our clients’ housing needs into excellence.

Our work consists of several phases: a brief to get to know the client’s needs, a site survey with related measurements of the existing interior, the drafting of one or more project proposals with particular attention to the procurement of the most innovative and state-of-the-art materials, the creation of photorealistic renderings, the drafting of a detailed cost estimate and of a work schedule, a selection of the best suppliers and a precise coordination of all the steps concerning the project. In this way we guarantee the delivery of a project that has been developed through a tailored approach.

Residential Contract

Puntiamo a realizzare nel miglior modo possibile quelle che sono le esigenze abitative dei nostri clienti

Il nostro lavoro si articola in diverse fasi: un brief dove vengono recepite tutte le necessità, un sopralluogo con relativo rilievo dell’esistente, la stesura di una o più proposte progettuali con un occhio di riguardo al reperimento dei materiali più innovativi e all’avanguardia, la creazione di render fotorealistici, la stesura di un capitolato e di un cronoprogramma lavori, una selezione dei migliori fornitori, un preciso coordinamento di tutte le operazioni. In tal modo ci assicuriamo di consegnare un lavoro seguito in maniera sartoriale in tutte le sue fasi.

Retail Contract

We transform a store into a place that makes the image of the proposed product unique.

We achieve this by following the order step by step: providing the client with one single reference person, who listens and translates the specific needs; creating a 3D project, with photorealistic renderings and choosing the most suitable suppliers for each realisation and coordinating all the processing steps until the inauguration. It’s a service that guarantees reliability and transparency by drafting a detailed cost estimate and an accurate work schedule.